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So many questions come up about wills and trusts in California! Here are some estate planning questions for you to consider:

  • Do you want your family be able to settle your affairs quickly, without public court proceedings (also known as probate)?
  • What will your legacy be if your wishes are not documented and your loved ones are left to wonder what they are supposed to do upon your death? Or worse, if they only find out what accounts you have by waiting for the statements to come in the mail months after you are gone? And what about all those online accounts that don’t have paper statements anymore? Would they even be found?
  • Have you thought about who should manage your finances while you are still living – if you get sick or have a medical emergency?
  • Are you looking for help getting your assets organized?
  • Do you know the advantages of using a Living Trust instead of a Will alone in California?
  • Do you know who your beneficiaries are? Are those people correctly listed on your life insurance and retirement accounts?
  • If you have minor children, who will hold and invest your assets until your children are older? What directions does that person have from you on this? What authority would they use to carry out your wishes?
  • Do you know what a professional fiduciary is? What about the pros and cons of using a professional fiduciary to assist you with paying bills or settling your estate?
  • If you already completed your estate planning, how often should you update your documents?
  • If you have a Living Trust, do you know what assets are titled in it? Have you acquired new assets since then that are not protected inside your Trust?
  • How should you organize your documents in your home so your wishes will be carried out in case of emergency?

Welcome to the complex and wonderful world of Estate Planning!

Laura W. Patton’s joy is helping families and individuals answer these questions and more. She has been designing estates in the San Francisco East Bay area since 1993, with a special emphasis on using Living Trusts to give clients the advantage of avoiding probate with its high cost, long delays, and lack of privacy for families. She also works with clients to consider end of life scenarios – whether you prefer medical care at home, a hospice center, or a nursing care facility – and she will document your wishes using Advance Directives and related documents.

Laura W. Patton’s legal practice is dedicated to translating her clients’ desires for their estates into plain English documents that will serve families for years to come. Her goal is to make the necessary legal paperwork more accessible so you and your loved ones can reduce dependence on attorneys in the future and save money at the same time.

Remember, estate planning is for everyone who has assets to protect.


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Currently, Laura offers consultations by video or phone. Laura normally offers home visits within a 30-minute radius of her office in Orinda, California. She is also available for occasional Saturday appointments.

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