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Have you worked with Laura before on Estate Planning?

If so, and if it has been more than 5 years, you are entitled to a no-cost Trust Checkup. During this 30 minute phone call or video conference, we will go over any changes in your family or assets that might impact the design of your estate plan. Laura will want to know if you have any new accounts, if everything is titled correctly, and protected by your Living Trust. As part of this service, she will prepare a new Durable Power of Attorney for you at no charge. (If it has been under 5 years, as a valued client, you will get a discounted fee for the consultation.) Either way, Laura would be delighted to reconnect with you. Simply fill out the Contact Form below to get started.

Are you new to Laura’s practice? Do you need estate planning, or help administering someone else’s Trust or Estate?

Laura’s practice is closed to new estate planning clients, as she only has the capacity to assist her existing clients with updating their documents. However, if you need help handling a loved one’s assets after death, please reach out for a no-cost consultation to see how Laura can assist you. She is accepting Probate matters and Trust Administration projects from both current clients and new clients. Simply fill out the Contact Form below to get started.

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